Hello, and welcome! My name is Paige Christoff. I am a mother to three girls, wife to my best friend and the love of my life Matthew & the founder of Little Sprouts Academy! I love doing projects around the house, going for nature walks, and am passionate about gardening and (of course) childhood education! When I found out I was pregnant I became research obsessed. I began vigorously researching every detail that could affect my future daughter in any way: the food she eats, the toys she plays with, appropriate schedules, & parenting techniques. I used my knowledge and began to tweak every situation and item so that she could prosper and grow to her full potential!


Having worked in Child Care for over four years and seeing the interactions between children, and the many experiences children encounter; I knew I wanted our daughter to be cared for in a group setting. When my maternity leave started coming to an end I started transitioning our daughter to her classroom by visiting the facility with her for partial days. I began to realize that many of the environmental harms that I had researched so vigiously were all to present in the center I had chosen, and began to feel that the center seemed so different from when my husband and I had toured.

I started to look at other centers only to find more of the same. If I was going to be leaving my child every day it had to be in a place where she can grow to her full potential. It had to be somewhere I could express my concerns with her teachers and feel confident that they would follow my wishes, and somewhere that understood that what goes into her body matters. It had to be somewhere I was confident in all around as a mother. That is when I decided I need to  take charge and make a change. This was no longer just about my daughter but about bettering the lives of children and the community. Parents should feel good about the teachers and environment they leave their little loved ones with/in every day. I leveraged my knowledge, the great teachers I had met in the industry, and made my vision a reality!