A Natural-Minded & Highly Researched Approach

to Early Childhood Education


Little Sprouts Academy provides a safe and nurturing environment for your child to learn and grow to their full potential through enriching experiences! Our Private Academy incorporates fun and exciting nature inspired, organic learning environments, Montessori & Reggio inspired curriculum taught by passionate teachers, healthy organic and natural food, and an eco-friendly toxic free environment. Every aspect of Little Sprouts Academy was meticulously planned with your child’s best interests in mind! We focus on collaborating with parents so that our professional teachers can cater to each child’s individual needs and help them grow and expand mentally, emotionally, and socially at their own pace.

Providing Care and Education for Children 6 weeks - 12 years

Monday -Friday 6:30am-5:30pm



Elementary & Middle School Education

Accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year



Little Sprouts Academy’s curriculum is based on a combination of highly researched philosophies including Montessori & Reggio, in addition to the whole child approach to education. The whole child approach focuses not only on each child’s academic skills such as math and literacy skills, but also the social, emotional and cognitive skills necessary to prepare them for a lifetime of success. Sensory-based and self-directed learning through nature exploration is a major component of our program. Our classrooms, indoor and out, act as a second teacher with carefully chosen developmentally appropriate works and self-correcting materials which are organized to support maximum growth and exploration through open ended organic play. In addition these works and self-correcting materials accommodate the developmental needs of each individual student within the classroom.

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Little Sprouts Academy integrates creative arts within our program but also offers Enrichment Courses to further enhance our multi-sensory approach to learning and provide students with additional outlets to develop their creativity.







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We prepare healthy organic and natural food onsite in our kitchen. Many daycare centers buy low quality food to cut costs. We believe that what we put into our bodies matters. Healthy food is an expense that shouldn’t be spared so we invest in high quality options. Food has become seriously toxic laced with preservatives, pesticides, and GMO’s which can build up in our bodies over time and affect us later in life. Children are particularly susceptible to these exposures because their bodies are smaller and are still developing. In addition to eating nutritious food children learn about nutrition and help to grow and harvest their own food from our onsite organic garden!

Why Organic Matters:

Here is some of the latest research taken from Healthy Child Healthy World:


“Although the full scope of the threat is not yet known, research confirms that pesticide exposure can harm us in serious ways. Conventional growers use synthetic pesticides that can damage our brain and nervous system, disrupt our hormones and contribute to cancer.”

Boyle, Megan “Five Essential Facts about Pesticides on Fruits and Vegetables.” Healthy Child Healthy World, www.healthychild.org/five-essential-facts-about-pesticides-on-fruits-and-vegetables. Accessed 29 August 2017.


“[Newcastle University] reviewed 343 prior studies on the nutrition content of organic versus conventional foods. Their analysis found that organic fruits and vegetables contain up to 69% more antioxidants and have an average level 17% higher than ordinary produce. Switching to organic foods, the authors say, can boost antioxidant intake by 20 to 40% without increasing calories eaten.”


“Organic foods are not genetically modified, which means parents don’t have to worry about crops that make their own pesticides, contain new never-before-seen proteins, and/or have been linked to allergies, organ damage, and more.”

Zissu, Alexandra “5 Reasons Why Organics Matter No Matter What.” Healthy Child Healthy World, www.healthychild.org/5-reasons-why-organics-matter-no-matter-what. Accessed 29 August 2017.


The Little Sprouts team is composed of Passionate, Nurturing, and Creative Teachers! At Little Sprouts Academy we understand that a key factor in a quality environment is teachers who are passionate about what they do every day. Every single one of our teachers helps to foster a positive and inspiring environment for your little Sprout to grow.



We are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and natural environment for your child to grow in. We do our best to avoid the toxic chemicals that are contained in many everyday items. All utensils, toys, and cleaning products are specially chosen to help your little ones grow within a safe and toxin-free environment.


  • Chemical free sanitizing and cleaning

  • Utensils made of safe alternatives to toxic plastic

  • Chemical free cooking practices

  • Wooden/ low toxin (greenguard gold) furniture and toys

  • Large outdoor playground with organic garden

“Some 25% of the chemicals in school cleaning products are toxins that contribute to cancer, asthma, and other diseases, according to CleaningForHealtyhSchools.org.”

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